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Templa has worked in partnership with the commercial radio industry providing radio station software for nearly two decades, developing a range of Airtime Inventory Management Systems. The AIMS product suite offers integrated solutions for radio companies covering sales, inventory, scheduling, billing, finance and business reporting.

AIMS uniquely offers users a one-touch approach to information, where all departments share the same database spanning sales, operations and finance. Further integration and information sharing takes place with the industry's trading website, J-ET.

AIMS delivers measurable improvements in efficiency, productivity & profitability!

Common systems problems in the industry

...multiple systems to do one job

Using more than one system creates inefficiencies in any business. Storing information in 3rd party products that are not integrated to a core business system, not only slows down your company, but is the foundation for creating errors.

...full prospect & client management

Can you manage the financial status of every client at the same time as reviewing their spend history across any time period, revenue stream, station or station brand? Many companies still need to manually collate effective debt management and statistical reporting through MS-Excel or secondary systems.

...effective billing

The simple request of clients to buy radio from a single point across different revenue streams, is compromised by radio companies' inability to accurately track and consolidate billing requirements onto a single invoice. Better billing leads to better cash flow!

The AIMS product suite delivers end-to-end integration through four key module areas:

  • Planning...campaigns, proposals, plans, billing requirements
  • Traffic...campaigns, spots, audio, studio, logs, billing
  • Research...pre and post campaign analysis
  • Finance...receivables, payables, GL, cash book, assets, purchasing

Please read more about each individual module by selecting from the above menu or contact us on 01732 832888 or click here to discuss your requirements.